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Who are we ?

Among the unvoidable computer science sectors for the world of tomorrow, multimedia maybe is the most promising one. In fact the future will be multimedia or not.

That’s why C2V had to be involved in. As a matter of fact, C2V early needed to increase its sound and images competences. First of all, its industrial and other (medical and aeronautical) customers required more visualization/ simulation in their daily jobs.

As it is a complex exercise to explain to professionals the internal function of the Windows’ display - for instance showing code supposed to constitute graphics libraries - it seemed more relevant, for immediate understanding, to conceive a game.

In this perspective, our first game Krypton Egg was realized and won the award of the best arcade game of the year 1996 from Ziff-Davis, the first american publisher in this area.

That is the answer to one of the first question asked in front of the C2V resume : how such an high-tech company could be « lost » in videogames.

Moreover the award pushed C2V to conceive other games with the same concern, each time to get new building blocks, in order to handle finally a complete multimedia toolbox.

So the aim of this multimedia unit is to approach this market first from the industry and other professional sectors (marketing, publicity, training, …) then to the « learning by playing » domain.

Now the company is able to meet all the market needs in terms of multimedia with its own resources :

- Multimedia publishing toolkit
- On board competences
- Audio-digital recording studio

Games productsGames products
Music productionMusic production
Multimedia developmentMultimedia development

Who are we ?Who are we ?

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