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Multimedia creation studio


CHILI CON VALLEY , still involved in video games, beautiful and professional Web sites, multimedia marketing applications, publicity design, GUI (graphical user interfaces), industrial process simulation, 2D/3D illustrations, music soundtracks, aims to develop new wonderful games and ludo-educational products ...

We can use all the latest technologies (Java, Javascript, Shockwave,..) to enlight your Web site.

We've got all the tools needed to make an "easy to use" interface for interactive TV

Our know-how in various Operating Systems (Windows95/98, NT, Windows CE, Unix, Linux,..) gives us the full control of the "look and feel" of your applications.
Ressources :

Multimedia publishing toolkit -----------------------------------------------

-1. Special sound library : dynamic mixing on 8 stereo independent channels to recreate an interactive multisources sound atmosphere with hi-fi audio quality (8 to 48 KHz, 8 and 16 bits, pan, gain).

-2. Portable graphics library, DirectX et MMX (8 to 128 bits) dedicated functions, 70 frames/second, smooth scrolling.

-3. Mathematical library special for DSP, Xt4Win and C++ multiplatform libraries.

-4. Animations, sounds, images editing tools and synchronization.

-5. Editors : for levels, platforms, 3D isometric (up to 1600x1200 resolution), A.I. behavior.

On board competences : -------------------------------------------------------

-Infographists : 2D, 3D, LightWave, Photoshop, Painter, Flash,

-Senior developers specialized in computers graphics, assembly languages, optimized compilers for DSP, code optimization.

-Qualified sound engineer, musicians.

Audio-digital recording studio : (click here for detail) -------------

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Multimedia developmentMultimedia development

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